Life Sciences Consulting Client Service Partner for our US offices

The opportunity

We are seeking an entrepreneurial business developer/consultant to join our growing practice as a Life Sciences
Client Service Partner (CSP) in either the Princeton or Boston area.

Strong candidates for this role will bring traditional consulting experience combined with line management experience, and possess a deep knowledge of the life sciences industry. They will be able to establish trust-based, lasting and meaningful client relationships.
The a-connect model has been successful as it answers an unmet client need: to provide experienced talent possessing both the industry knowledge and functional skill to deliver impactful, well- managed projects and results. a-connect provides this effectively and seamlessly, with utmost flexibility regarding team size/structure/schedule, to support our client’s most pressing business needs.
Our projects are delivered using our global network of Independent Professionals (IPs). In total we currently have ~1,900 IPs, ~550 with strong life science expertise. They are hand-selected and managed by a-connect Talent Service Partners (TSPs), with whom you would work, in tandem, to procure the right solution for projects that have been identified and carefully scoped by you, the CSP.
The CSP should enjoy wearing a number of “hats” at a-connect: from building a solid book of client business, to partnering with TSPs to procure the right talent solutions, to executing project work itself – from simple “Partner Oversight” efforts to “Project Lead”. The mix of business development and project delivery activities can be customized to each CSP and the local needs of the a-connect business. However, the top priority of the CSP team is to grow revenues, so ultimately driving the business development efforts at a-connect should align with the top interest of our ideal candidate.
A benefit of the a-connect model is that we are as supportive of flexible working models for our own employees as we are skilled at working with clients and IPs to propose/secure such models for projects. This means that if you are a highly motivated, energetic self-starter, then we can partner on finding a solution that will support your work-life requirements.
If what we have described aligns with what you can offer and engages your interest to learn more, we would like to hear from you! Our compensation, bonus structure, and benefits are highly competitive.

Candidates must be eligible to work in the United States

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